Turn your participants into brand advocates.

Certify is a blockchain powered digital badge and certificate platform that helps enterprises, training organisations, associations and educational institutions to easily send verifiable digital credentials.
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Digital 'Open Badges' are issued by some of the World's best known brands

How does it work?

Create branded credentials

Upload your own designs or use our badge and certificate builder to create stunning, shareable credentials that showcase your brand.
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"Certify's platform is incredibly intuitive to use. Our course managers love the badge designer that gives them the tools to create beautiful digital badges without the need for design resource."
-Charlie Pearson, Anspear

LinkedIn integration

Participants can add their credentials to their LinkedIn profiles in less than 60 seconds. Build your authority by placing your brand directly on your participants' LinkedIn profiles. Sharing to 50+ other social networks is also achievable in just one click.
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"We are driving an increase in course signups directly from the digital badges our attendees are sharing on LinkedIn, saving us thousands in acquisition costs."
-Kevin Traynor, CEO, Grow Consultancy

Take action using badge analytics

Get quick access to data on the performance of your issued badges. See acceptance rates, leaderboards and engagement data for social networks.
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"Our employee training programmes have taken off since we've started issuing digital badges. The analytics allow us to tailor our course content and to encourage course completion."
-Lourenco Malanga, Asia Shipping

Blockchain security

Every badge or certificate issued with Certify has its data secured and is verifiable via the Blockchain ensuring the authenticity of every credential.

White labelling

Our fully white label option allows you as an issuer to fully customise  both the issuing platform and the recipient experience along with all the system emails.

LMS Integrations

Build automated credential issuing processes using our powerful API. Seamless integrations allow you to send credentials in bulk via your LMS platform.

Case study: How a multinational organisation has used digital badges to increase employee engagement

Set and track organization to individual-level goals
Monitor timelines and match them against departments
View all your data in one place at the same time
Make real-time decisions
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Seamless integration with your LMS or any other 3rd party.

Let automation do the heavy lifting in your credential issuing process by connecting Certify to your existing LMS or to any other 3rd party software.
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